Town Meeting Information

The Town of Minot utilizes the Town Meeting-Selectmen-Administrator form of government. In this form of government, the Board of Selectmen still acts as the Town's executive body while the Administrator oversees the daily operations of the Town, communicating the needs for both the residents, business owners and employees alike. This would make registered voters attending Town Meeting and carrying out business the legislative (policy making) body.

  Executive Branch Legislative Body
National President US Congress
State Governor State Legislature
Town Selectboard You and your neighbors attending Town Meeting

Attendance at Town Meeting is important for several reasons including:

  • Face to face participation teaches forbearance and tolerance. It teaches respect for others’ views. It teaches citizenship.
  • Town Meeting allows citizens to hear “both sides of the story.” It builds appreciation for the complications often involved in the simplest of policies.
  • By allowing citizens to actually fashion the law themselves, it creates a sense of “ownership” of the Town’s business not present when decisions are made by others.
  • Town Meeting builds community by bringing people together through resolving misunderstanding together.
  • Town Meeting brings politics to life. Town Meeting can be interesting, exciting and fun!

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