Minot Voluntary Municipal Farm Support Program Investigation

What is VMFSP?
A voluntary program created and administered by a Town that would allow eligible landowners to apply for reduced assessment on the farmland and farm buildings. In exchange, the landowner grants the Town a 20 year conservation easement. The purpose of the program is to reduce tax pressure on farm businesses while simultaneously protecting farmland and forest land from residential and commercial development.

State minimums guidelines for VMFSP eligibility:

  • Farms are at least 5 contiguous acres producing specific agriculture crops
  • Farms can include traditional farm infrastructure.
  • Farms generate an annual gross farm income of $2000 based on fair market value of products sold wholesale and retail

Any town can increase qualifying acreage and income criteria, identify additional crops, and provide more detailed guidance on types of farm buildings allowed under the program.

Minot’s landowners, who are eligible, may already voluntarily enroll their lands in the “current use” property tax programs, i.e. Tree Growth, Farmland, or Open Space (Visit HERE for more information on these programs and contact the Assessor's Agent to learn how you can apply). These programs can reduce land assessment depending on the qualifications of the applicant.  They, along with the VMFSP program, help Maine towns ensure that local farms and farmlands remain active and productive.