Spirit of America Award

2011 – Minot Historical Society

2013 – Noella Hemond

  • Selectmen from  1966 - 1972
  • Boston Post Cane Recipient from 2014 - 2020
  • Member of Our Lady Ransom Church in Mechanic Falls
  • Treasurer of the Maple Grove Cemetery
  • Lifelong member of the Minot Historical Society
  • Owner of R.E. Hemond Dairy Farm

2014 – West Minot Grange #42

2015 – Helen Clifford

  • 1966-1970 School Survey Committee
  • 1980 Town Office Building Committee
  • Budget Committee Member
  • School Union Withdrawal Committee
  • Town Manager Committee
  • Voter Registrar from 1971 - 1991
  • Planning Board Secretary
  • Member of multiple local Granges
  • Was a organist for the church and other Town functions
  • Served on the 175th American Revolution Commission
  • 200th Minot Birthday Celebration Committee
  • Volunteered time and resources to Minot and its residents

2016 – Roger Goodwin

  • Was a member of the School Committee
  • Civil Defense Reserve Police in the 1960's
  • Building Committee in the 70's
  • Budget Committee in the 80's
  • For many years he led the Town of Minot in prayer before each Annual Town Meeting
  • Member of the Minot Methodist Church

2018 - Eda P. Tripp

  • Selectman (1999-2017)
  • Chair of Board of Assessors (1999-2017)
  • Overseer of the Poor (General Assistance Director) 1999-2017
  • Assistant to the Town of Minot Cemetery Administrator.
  • Executive Board Member at Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. (and was secretary)
  • Secretary of the Road Study Committee which led to the Road Manager position.
  • Election Clerk for 38 years
  • Board liaison to RSU 16 as well as a School Board Member
  • Liaison to the Minot Fire Dept. and always asking, “what do you need”?
  • Liaison to the Minot Highway Dept. and baking her apple muffins for most every snow storm so that they would know she appreciated their efforts.
  • She was a member of the Bi-Centennial Committee and was a founding member and was the present treasurer of the Minot Historical Society.
  • Member of the Minot Cemetery Committee and was the Board of Selectman’s Liaison to this committee. This led to the Town of Minot assuming the ownership and maintenance of all 29 cemeteries in town. Also to the new expansion of the Center Minot Cemetery (next door to the old church on the hill) and also where she will finally rest, but still be able to oversee the Center Hill Cemetery.
  • She was also active in the grange, her church, Historical Society, and raised a family.

2019 – Hester Gilpatric

  • Voter Registrar 1994 - 2017
  • President of the Minot Historical Society
  • Member of the Friends of the RSU
  • Active in the Court Street Baptist Church
  • Contributed much of the artwork displayed at the Town Office
  • Member of the West Minot  Grange
  • Known far and wide for her AMAZING homemade donuts!

2020 – Minot Consolidated School Community Club

2022 – Gerard Bridgham

  • He is always looking for ways to help his community
  • He assists in projects with the Minot Historical Society and the Cemetery Committee.
  • Volunteered his time and resources to repair the historical building at the Center Minot Hill Cemetery.

2023 - Daniel Callahan Jr.

From left to right: Lisa Cesare, Danielle Loring and son, Brittany Hemond, Daniel Gilpatric, Daniel Callahan, Norma Dulac, 

Matthew Callahan, and Sara Farris

  • Served as a Selectmen from 2006 - 2021
  • He made sure the decision the Town made were in the Towns best interest and fiscally responsible during his time as a Selectmen.
  • Served on the Planning Board from 1976 - 1990
  • Served as an Assessor from 2016 - 2021
  • Served on the Budget Committee from 1995 - 1998
  • Served on the Board of Appeals from  2003 - 2005
  • Had a role in the Minot Recreational Trials being established. 

2024 - Minot Cemetery Committee

Front: Brittany Hemond and Jeanne Letourneau

Back: George "Buster" Downing, Lisa Bonney, Ralph Palmer

  • Volunteer group active in cemetery preservation and care.
  • Dedicated to the maintenace and beautification of Town-owned cemeteries.
  • Works to preserve the historic legacy of the deceased.
  • Works to investigate modern options for internment and develops policies for the same.