June 11, 2024 Election Info

State Primary & RSU Election

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

8 am – 8 pm

Minot Town Office Meeting Room

The front office may not be available for regular office transactions. Please call ahead of time.

Please check the State’s website for candidate information.

New Law Update for 2024:

An unenrolled voter may choose which party ballot they would like to receive without enrolling in that party before or on election day. If you are enrolled in a political party and wish to change to a different party, you must make that change at least fifteen (15) days before the primary or party caucus to be eligible to vote or participate for that party. We recommend making a change in person by Friday May 24 to make sure the change is reflected on the voter list. Once enrolled in a party, you must stay in that party for at least three (3) months.

What ballot am I eligible for?

Unenrolled - May select either a Democrat or Republican ballot + RSU ballot

Democratic - Must receive a Democrat ballot + RSU ballot

Green Independent - RSU ballot only, no State selection

Libertarian -  RSU ballot only, no State selection

Republican - Must receive a Republican ballot + RSU ballot

No Labels (qualifying) -  RSU ballot only, no State selection


Absentee Voting

The request cutoff is Thursday, June 6 at 6pm. You can make your request on the State’s website, call the office, mail in a request, or make your request in person. After this cutoff date special circumstances criteria must be met in order to vote absentee. 


Please call the office, check out our website, minotme.org, or go to the States website if you have any election related questions or for more information. We will see you at the polls!