Motor Vehicle Registrations

If you have questions or concerns please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

You can also check out the State of Maine's website for registration information and various forms. 

Click here to access their website.


 NEW May 1, 2025 -  July 2026

Starting May 1, 2025 BMV and Agents will no longer issue chickadee plates for PC class codes and your plate(s) will be swapped when you re-register your vehicle(s). 

You may choose from...

  • a Pine Tree Plate for no additional cost
  • a "No Tree Plate" for no additional cost
  • or one of the current specialty plate options (specialty plate fees apply)

Other classes, including but not limited to the following, will change for no additional cost but will only have the

Pine Tree option:

Antique (AQ)                                   Combination (CM)                                          Commercial (CO)               

Custom Vehicle (CV)                      Disabled (DX), Farm (FM)                   Horseless Carriage (HC)

Low Speed (LS)                              Motorhome (MH)                                  Special Equipment (SE)

 Street Rod (SR)                             Tractor (TR)                                Tractor Trailer 800 Series (TT)

Special Mobile Equipment (SM)

If you would like to keep your current plate number you will be able to do so through a centralized, web-based solution. This system SHOULD be available by May 1, 2024. More communication will come shortly on how to do that once the process is finalized. 

If you choose to renew your registration online there will be a process for that as well, more info to come.

This will be a long process for staff and we ask that you be kind and make the change as easy as possible. We will promise to do the same for you. 


New Registrations

What will I need??

Dealer Sale:

  • Blue title paper (MVT-2) - may also be white starting 1/1/2024
  • Proof of sales tax paid
  • Proof of insurance
  • Window sticker showing MSRP (current year or newer vehicles)

Private Sale:

  • Title from previous owner(s) signed by them
  • Bill of sale showing how much was paid and what the vehicle is, including the VIN#
  • Proof of insurance


Every situation is different. If you have additional questions please call the Office.


Title: $33

No title needed on vehicles year 1998 or older

New law effective 1/1/2024

Specialty Plates: $20 at 1st registration and $15 at every re-registration (Sportsmen is always $20)

Vanity Plates: $25 We cannot issue vanity plates here in the office but they can be ordered online or with a form through the mail. We have the forms here at the office or they can be printed offlinePlease allow at least 1 month after your register your vehicle to apply for the vanity to make sure the State has the most up to date registration information. 

Out of Rotation: 1-time $25 fee

Used when you do not accept the next plate in line and want to pick from what we have in stock.

Antique Auto: 1998 or older (will need to complete an Antique Auto Affidavit)

Transit Plates: 1-way: $12.00, 2-way: $25.00

You must have proof of insurance on the vehicle.

The vehicle may not have been registered by you in the past.

Valid for 10 days.