Sole Proprietor and Mercantile Enterprise Filing

Sole Proprietor and Mercantile Enterprise filing is used when you are doing business under a name that does not identify you as an individual. An Example would be "Farris Photography" instread of "Sara Farris Photography". Farris Photography could belong to anyone with the last name Farris.

Sometimes banks require these forms if you are getting a loan to start up your business.

The forms must be notarized and returned to the Town Office with the $10.00 filing fee. We do have notaries here in the office for your convenience.

Please click the bold links below to access the forms

Sole Proprietor

Doing business on your own or as a married couple.

Mercantile Enterprise 

Doing business with a partner other then your married partner.

Withdrawal Form

When you or your partner wish to no longer be in business.