Elections and Voter Registration

Nomination Paper Facts 

2025 Town Election and Town Meeting 

2 Selectmen for a 3-year term

2 RSU 16 School Board Members for a 3-year term

Available 11/20/2024

Due back 12/30/2024 at 4 pm

* You must take out papers from the Town Office during business hours.
* Someone else can collect signatures for you, but you would have to sign the consent form.
* You must collect at least 25 signatures of registered voters in Minot.
* By signing they are not obligated to vote for you.
* They are due back the 60th day before the Election in order to be put on the ballot.
* If you miss the deadline you can still run as a write-in. You would just have to let people know you are interested on your own Your name will not be on the printed ballot or posted at the office.
As always, if you have any questions give us a call or shoot us an email.


Registering to Vote:

We will need to see proof of I.D. ( Some examples include but not limited to: Drivers License, Passport, or Birth Certificate) and proof of residency (Some examples include but not limited to: vehicle registration, utility bill, and paycheck stub) to register to vote.

For more information about proof of ID or residency please call the Town Office at 345-3305 or read over the law Title 21-A Sec. 112-A

We have voter registration cards here in the office or you can print one off and mail it to us. If you choose to mail in your voter registration you must include proof of ID and residency.

NEW! Effective 1/30/2024 You can register to vote online through the Secretary of States website. Click here to use that resource.


Party Enrollment 

Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, NO Labels, and Green Independent 

When you register to vote you do not have to pick a political party. Voters can be registered to vote, but do not have to be enrolled in a political party known as being "unenrolled". The old "independent" designation and "unenrolled" are the same thing. The ONLY "independent" available now is Green Independent but that is an actual party.


New for 2024!

An unenrolled voter can choose which party ballot they would like to receive without enrolling in that party before or on election day. If you are enrolled in a political party and wish to change to a different party, you must make that change at least fifteen (15) days before the primary or party caucus to be eligible to vote or participate for that party.

Once enrolled in a party, you must stay in that party for at least three (3) months.

June 11, 2024 State Primary and RSU Budget/ Bond Election

What ballot am I eligible for?

Unenrolled - May select either a Dem. or Rep. ballot + RSU Ballot

Democratic - Must receive a Dem. ballot + RSU Ballot

Green Independent - RSU only

Libertarian - RSU only

Republican - Must receive a Rep. ballot + RSU Ballot

No Labels (qualifying) - RSU only


Absentee Ballots:

WE NOW HAVE AN ABSENTEE BALLOT DROP BOX! It is located at the main entrance of the Town Office.

Absentee Ballots can be requested 3 months before any election and ballots will be mailed out about a month before the Election.

They can be requested in person, over the phone, and online through the Secretary Of State's website.

You can also print off the State application and mail it to us at 329 Woodman Hill Rd, Minot, ME 04258

You can print an absentee ballot application for RSU/ municipal elections and mail it back to us as well.

The cut-off date to request an Absentee Ballot is 3 business days before any Election. You will need to meet "special circumstances" determined by the Secretary of State to request one in those 3 business days.


Ongoing Absentee Voting

 NEW Effective 2/1/2024

Beginning February 1, 2024, voters who will be at least 65 years of age by the next election or who self- identify as a voter with a disability (or who meet both conditions) can submit a written application to request ongoing absentee voter status. This means that after submitting the application, the voter does not need to submit an application for each election; instead the voter will automatically receive an absentee ballot for each ensuing statewide election, municipal election and any other election for which the voter is entitled to vote.

The law further provides that the voter’s ongoing absentee voter status may only be terminated by the Clerk or the Secretary of State upon:

(1) The written request of the voter

(2) The death or disqualification of the voter

(3) The cancellation of the voter's registration record in the central voter registration system

(4) The return of an absentee ballot as undeliverable

(5) The failure of the voter to vote by absentee ballot for a general election

(6) The designation of the voter's status as inactive in the central voter registration system

You can find the application by clicking here.


The following information will be mailed with Absentee Ballots to help keep Absentee voters informed...

Absentee Ballot Instructions

Please review before voting. If you have questions call the Clerk’s Office at (207) 345-3305.

* If you request an absentee ballot, please vote that ballot, and return it by the deadline. If you change your mind and wish to vote in person you MUST return the absentee envelope and ballot(s).

* Make sure to sign the highlighted line on the envelope and seal it or we cannot count your vote.

* Use black or blue ball point pen only.

* Check both sides of your ballot to make sure you do not miss anything. Not all ballots are double sided.

* If you make a mistake marking your ballot, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

* Your ballot must be returned to the Office by 8pm on Election night. 

* 2 stamps should cover the postage.

* Minot does have a Ballot Drop Box located at the main entrance. This is for Minot residence use ONLY!

Aide Notice: (If you need an aide to fill out this ballot or sign for you)

The aide must sign the Aide Certificate on the envelope and have 1 witness present and have them sign the Witness Certificate.

3rd Person Delivery: (Delivered by someone other than immediate family)

Must have 2 witnesses sign the witness certificate on the envelope.



Ranked Choice Voting Information:

Please click this link to access the Secretary of States Website for more information.



Please visit the Secretary Of States website for more info

Maine Bureau of Elections