Animal Control, Dog Registrations, & Animal Wellness

You can now register your dog online from 10/15 through 1/31.

Click here to use the online system.*

* The online registration system will be shut off starting 2/1 of each year and will be turned back on 10/15 of each year.

You will need:

  • A Credit Card
  • License/Tag number (Renewal only)
  • State of Maine Rabies certificate
  • Veterinarian's name and phone number
  • Spay or Neuter Certificate (if your dog has been "fixed")


If you own a dog in the State of Maine you must register it with the town you live in.

We send out reminders in September to residents that we have on file and you can come to the office to start registering them starting October 1st.

Please be sure to bring proof of rabies vaccinations and spay/ neuter records

Dogs that are spayed/ neutered: $6

Not spayed/ neutered: $11

There will be a $25 late fee applied to any registration after January 31st. 


Dangerous/ Nuisance Dogs

Dangerous Dog Registration: $100

Nuisance Dog: $30

A dangerous or nuisance dog is determined by a judge/court. 

Dangerous dogs are deemed dangerous for life.

Nuisance dogs can be cleared by the court or a judge. We will need to see these records.