Information Regarding Subsurface Waste Water Permits (HHE 200)

Before you can obtain a septic permit from the Town, you must first hire a State licensed site evaluator. The site evaluator will come and look at your property to determine the best location for your system based on the topography and soil conditions of your land. The site evaluator will then draw up a plan of the proposed system in the form a Subsurface Waste Water Application (HHE 200). Please note that an HHE application is needed before a building permit can be issued for a new home construction or expansion of existing dwelling that increases the number of bedrooms. 

You will need to make two sets of photocopies of this plan and bring all three sets of plans to the Town Office for the Local Plumbing Inspector (LPI) to review. Once the Plumbing Inspector has approved your system and fees are paid, the permit will be issued by the Town. The fees for septic permits vary and are set by the State. Please see the fee schedule for more information. 

Your system will have to be inspected by the Plumbing Inspector. The system needs to be inspected before any part of the system is buried. Please note that the Town does not have full time staff to carry out inspections and it is best that you call in advance ti discuss your construction schedule so that we can best suit your needs.   

Click here if you would like to search the States records to find a HHE-200.