Code Enforcement

Permits are required for all the following: all new buildings, structural alterations to existing buildings, work involving the installation of plumbing fixtures, the installation of new or replacement septic systems, new swimming pools and demolition of existing buildings.

Home occupations are required to register with the Code Enforcement Officer.

Information required for a building permit will depend on the particular project. All information deemed necessary by the Codes Officer will be specific to the work that is being done.

Inspections: Inspections are required for all building and plumbing work. A final Certificate of Occupancy is required before new buildings and additions can be occupied.

It is always a good idea to contact the Code Enforcement Officer before proceeding with building or remodeling plans. Permits allow the enforcement of codes, which have been adopted as law by Federal, State, and Town. No matter what the specific project may be, the enforcement of codes is carried out to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

In most cases you will not receive an approval for your permit on the same day it is submitted. Please allow time for the Code Officer to process your permit before starting any work on the project. If work is started before the permit is approved there could be additional fees applied.

If you feel that you have a project that should go before the Planning Board, please contact the Code Office to discuss the project. If it is a project that requires approval from the Planning Board, you will fill out a "Request for Planning Board Review". All requests, subdivision plans, etc, must be submitted two weeks prior to the Planning Board meeting.