Center Minot Hill Cemetery

Cemetery Committee

The Minot Cemetery Committee members pride themselves in preserving the Town's rich past through working with the Town to implement policies, ordinances and maintenance procedures that ensure that each of its 29 cemeteries are cared for for years to come. The Committee meets as needed and for more information on how to become a member, be involved in upkeep or a schedule of their meetings, please contact the Town Office at 207-345-3305.


Current Cemetery Committee Members

George "Buster" Downing - Chair

Lisa Bonney

George Buker

Jeanne Letourneau

Ralph Palmer

Michel Pratte

Brittany Hemond


If you are interested in purchasing burial lots in Center Minot Hill Cemetery, please contact Danielle Loring for more information. 

For specific requirements regarding burials, monuments and regulations within Minot cemeteries, please see the 2020 Cemetery Ordinance. 

The Town of Minot requires a Burial/Interment Permit prior to any work done in a cemetery and at least 48 hours notice to any interment. Please see Section 7 of the ordinance for more information.