On May 20,2019, the Board of Selectmen voted to contract with Casco Bay Advisors to complete a feasibility study regarding the Town's existing services and potential for build out. The results of that study can be found HERE.

The Minot Broadband Committee/Task Force formed in response to outreach from residents across Town looking for reliable, high speed broadband for a variety of applications and began meeting in January 2020. They serve as an advisory group to the Board of Selectmen and Town Administrator to help investigate potential opportunities for the Town as well as serve a task force for data collections and public education as to the benefits of broadband. 

The objectives of the group are as follows, in no particular order: 

  • Create opportunities for people to work where they live
  • Provide people of all ages access to education and distance learning Provide access to telehealth services and distance healthcare opportunities (ex: "Aging in place")
  • Expand and support municipal services
  • Increased opportunities for businesses, agriculture and tourism
  • Attract young families/individuals to live in town
  • Expand potential for alternative energy and security options (can rely on broadband to monitor)

Thank you for your interest and we welcome you to get involved!