Assessing & Tax Collection

General Assessment Information

The Assessors' Agent is responsible for discovering and determining the market value of all real and personal property for the collection of municipal taxes. These duties and responsibilities are completed annually and must comply with Maine Taxation Statutes.

Field work/ assessments for the 2024 tax year will start 4/10/2024 and possibly go over into the week of the 15th if needed. 

The Assessors' Agent is not responsible for the collection and payment of taxes.
Please see the Tax Collector for tax collection and payment information.

Assessment Year  As of April 1st (all info is fixed as of this date)
Fiscal Year  January 1st to December 31st
 Commitment Date August 7, 2023
Mill Rate $10.00 per $1,000 of valuation
Mill Rate Breakdown

Town: 22%

County: 9%

School: 69%

 Due Date December 15, 2023
Interest Date  December 16, 2023 8% on balance each day late
Abatement Due Date

February 8, 2024 (185 Days after commitment date)

Tax Ratio


Taxable Valuation

Taxable Real Estate Value: $335,474,441

Taxable Personal Property Value: $1,225,000


2023 Tax Bills



Other information pertaining to taxes:

If your mortgage holder pays your bill please forward your bill on to them.

Please update us with your current mailing address if needed.